INDEX is a member-driven, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing data, analysis, networking, and professional development to Independent Schools

INDEX provides the framework, management support, and technical and analytical expertise to aid member schools in decision-making, policy development, and strategic planning.

INDEX’s products and services, designed in close collaboration with our members, provide insight into current performance, emerging trends, and best practices in institutional structure, operations, and management.

We are a close-knit group of professional colleagues. Many of our member schools have worked together in the collaborative for decades. We are not only a collegial group of professionals, but trusted friends and colleagues. The intimate nature of our network allows member schools to confidently share experiences, insights, and initiatives.

Honoring and Respecting Diversity
INDEX is comprised of a diverse group of schools, and we strive to honor and respect the diverse voices, roles, and perspectives of our members. During our time together, we expect that individuals will foster and promote a sense of belonging, appreciation, inclusion, and understanding, so that these diverse voices are heard and have an impact on our collective learning. It is our hope that this support and collaboration will be carried back to our member schools as well.