Notable Numbers – February 2020, Pt. 1

Eligible Need-Based Financial Aid Applications Up 16%

In the last 5 years, the number of eligible families applying for financial aid at INDEX schools is up 16%, and over 10 years, it is up 35%. Keep in mind, that over this period, enrollment barely budged. 

3/4 of INDEX Schools Have a Budget for Non-Tuition Extras 

In 2019-20, 75% of INDEX schools had a financial aid budget to cover non-tuition items (school trips, fees, etc.), and the median value of this aid was $96,000. 36% of schools have a “contingency” financial aid budget (median value of $37,000) for unforeseen items that come up throughout the year. 

49% of INDEX Schools are Armed

In one of our most popular surveys ever, with 68 INDEX schools responding, 49% report that their security personnel is armed, and 51% report that their security is not armed. The vast majority of the armed personnel is either a current or former police officer.

2/3 of INDEX Schools Offer a Foreign Language Waiver

64% of the responding 44 INDEX schools offer foreign language waivers to qualifying students. Schools which extend waivers generally require documentation and a review of the student’s academic performance.

2.0 Hours per Week in Meetings

INDEX schools report that the typical Lower and Middle School teacher spends an average of 2 hours per week in meetings. Upper School teachers spend an average of 1.5 hours a week in meetings. The maximum hours in weekly meetings was 7.5 in the Lower School and 6 hours in the Middle and Upper Schools. The minimum amount of time spent in meetings in each division is 20-30 minutes per week.