Notable Numbers – July 2024

2 Preps, 4 Sections, and 16 Students

Middle and upper school teachers at INDEX schools typically have 2 preparations, 4 sections, and class sizes of 16 students for which they are concurrently responsible. These numbers are for “core” classes and do not include “specials” such as physical education and art.

6-8 Hours of Non-Teaching Duties

Upper and middle school teachers typically have 8 hours, and lower school teachers generally have 6 hours of non-teaching duties per week. Advising, meetings, and study hall/lunch are the most common non-teaching duties.

2% to PD

On average, INDEX schools devote the equivalent of about 2% of total teacher salaries to teacher professional development. To put this into perspective, if the average teacher salary is $80,000, schools are devoting about $1600 per teacher to professional development.

70% with Graduate Degrees

On average, 70% of teachers at INDEX schools have either a Masters or Doctorate degree. This is a 15% increase from 10 years ago.

18 Years Experience

Teachers at INDEX schools have an average 18 years of teaching experience. This number has remained constant for the last 10 years.