Notable Numbers – March 2020

15-20 Minutes of Training

As outlined in Newark Academy’s COVID-19 remote learning plan, every faculty is asked to attend one of 4 scheduled 20-minute “technology training sessions” in order to develop comfort with remote learning tools in the event the school implements remote teaching.

6 Action Steps Before Students Leave School in a Closure

In its Pandemic Plan, Ravenscroft School will abide by the public health authorities and/or suspend operations during a Level 4 (confirmed cases in a 500-mile radius of their county.) Their plan lays out the 6 action steps the school will take before the students and faculty leave campus and the 3 decisions and 7 steps the management will make related to the resumption of school.

100 Questions to Consider

McDonogh School has put together a 100-question “things to consider” in its work-in-progress Pandemic Planning guide. The areas covered include: Administrative Policies, Health & Safety,  Communications, Teaching & Learning, Operations, Business Continuity, Human Resources, Legal/Governance, and Travel Programs.

73% Considering Canceling Europe Travel

In a Feb. 25 survey sent by MICDS Head of School Jay Rainey, 73% of the 30 schools that have scheduled travel to Europe are considering cancellation. We realize that these data are changing daily, and Jay and I hope to get another survey out to schools soon to learn how plans are evolving and changing.