Notable Numbers – January 2023

13% Increase followed by 3% Decline in Percentage of A’s Awarded

The percentage of A’s awarded in the Upper School surged during the pandemic years, climbing from 60% of all grades in 2018-19 to 68% in 2020-21. In 2021-22, the percentage of A’s awarded in the Upper School retreated slightly to 66%. 

13% Drop in Percentage of 4-5’s on APs

During the first full year of the pandemic, the percentage of AP Scores receiving a 4 or 5, dropped 13%, falling from 62% in 2019-20 to 54% in 2020-21. Last year scores inched up, but not to pre-pandemic levels, and in 2021-22, 55% of all AP tests taken at INDEX schools received a score of 4 or 5. 

Board Structure – 0 Changes

24 Trustees, 8 board committees, 6 meetings per year, 3-year terms, and 2-term limits. This is the average structure for INDEX school boards, and this setup has not changed since we started collecting data 10 years ago. 

Lead Gift is 17% of Total Campaign

INDEX schools report that the lead gift in their most recently completed capital campaign comprises, on average, 17% of the total dollars raised. The top 10 gifts constitute just over half the dollars raised. Schools generally go from the silent to public phase once 71% of the total goal has been raised. 

60% Increase in the Percentage of Schools with Advancement Directors

In 2019-20, 35% of INDEX schools reported having an Advancement Director. In 2022-23, 56% report an Advancement Director position.