Notable Numbers – February 2023

Applications Up 5% from Pre-Pandemic Levels

Median applications at INDEX schools surged 8.4% in 2020-21, the first full year of the pandemic, but fell 5% the following year. Despite the one-year downward turn, median applications are 5% above 2018-19 levels and up 9% from 10 years ago.

Student Attrition Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels of 6%

After spiking 7% in the first year of the pandemic, median student attrition did an about-face and fell almost 8% in the 2 succeeding years. At 6%, median student attrition levels are back to pre-pandemic levels. 

Annual Giving Parent Participation Down Nearly 14%

Median parent participation in annual giving is in a period of slow decline, dropping nearly 14% in the last 8 years. Participation did receive a 5% “covid bump” in 2020-21 but immediately reversed course and dropped 1.4% in 2021-22.

Annual Giving Parent Gift Up 23%

The median average annual parent gift is up a remarkable 23% since the start of the pandemic. This reflects the surge in giving during the pandemic, but also reinforces the steady upward trend over the last 8 years, when the average gift size increased nearly 53%, or a compounded annual growth rate of 6.2% 

Alumni Participation Rate Down 24%

Alumni participation trends are similar to parent giving trends, with a 24% drop in alumni participation in annual giving since 2018-29 and a 27% loss over the last 8 years.