Notable Numbers – April 2022

8.4% Drop in AP Test Scores

In the pre-pandemic year of 2018-19, an average of 60% of all AP tests taken at INDEX schools were awarded scores of 4 or 5. In the pandemic year of 2020-21, that percentage dropped to 55%, an 8.4% drop in the percentage of 4’s and 5’s awarded. 

47% Have a Defined Faculty Salary Scale

Roughly half of all INDEX schools use a defined salary scale for full-time teachers. The criteria most frequently used in setting the scale are Degrees (80% of schools), Teaching Load (58% of schools), and Years at the School (42%). Merit is used at 32% of schools.

8% More Boys Than Girls

Last school year, on average, 77% of boys and 69% of girls in the Upper School participated in interscholastic sports. Despite the disparity in participation, boys and girls had roughly the same number of athletic teams and sports.

20% Increase in Learning Specialists

In the last 3 years, from the pre-pandemic school year of 2018-19 to this school year, INDEX schools have increased Learning Specialist FTE’s by an average of 20%. This percentage is surely understated, since many schools which did not report a Learning Specialist in 2018-19 now do. 

No Dogs

In a recent INDEX Member Survey on Campus Pets, 84% of the responding 37 schools say they do not permit faculty to bring dogs on campus, and 92% do not allow Emotional Support Animals.