Notable Numbers – May 2022

47% Increase in A’s Awarded

Over the past 10 years, the percentage of A’s awarded for core classes in the Upper School has increased 47%. In 2012-13, about half of all grades received an A. In 2020-21, nearly 70% of all grades were A’s. During this same time, B’s have fallen from 43% to 26%, and C’s have fallen from 10% to 5% of all grades. 

Teacher Attrition up 27%

Teacher attrition increased 27% last year, climbing from a median of 10.4% in 2019-20 to 13.2% in 2020-21. Schools with an elementary division were hardest hit. INDEX Elementary School median attrition rose to 18.6%, and PK-12 School attrition hit 12.5%. Middle/Upper Schools’ teacher attrition was the lowest at 4%. 

Non-Teacher Attrition up 49%

Non-teacher attrition increased 49% year-over-year, with median rates increasing from 7.5% to 11.2%. Again, Elementary Schools had the highest attrition rates (15.2%) followed by PK-12 Schools (11.3%) and Middle/Upper Schools (5.2%) 

91% of Schools Solicit Student Feedback 

In a recent member-generated survey, 91% of the 22 responding schools indicated that they solicit teacher-specific feedback from students. Who has access to the results varies, with 55% of schools giving access to the teacher and her division head, and 20% of schools giving access to the teacher and her department chair. 

Applications up 7% During the Pandemic

INDEX School applications increased by a median of 7% from 2018/19 – 2020-21. Interest in the Preschool and Lower School (K-5) grades is fueling this growth, with Preschool applications up 12% and Lower School applications surging 17%.